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About Us

Ann Lay

Founder, Owner and Baby Massage Specialist


"I love to see how the parent baby bond strengthens during a massage course and just how beneficial techniques can be."

Welcome to Baby Senses

We are proud to be one of the original and longest standing Infant Massage centres in Ipswich, Suffolk, and have years of professional experience and happy parents behind us.


Hi parents and nursery professionals.  My name is Ann Lay, mum of two, and founder of Ipswich based baby massage and baby sensory company, Baby Senses.


Baby massage, whilst originating in Indian, is now a popular and common place technique in the UK, widely used by parents and health professionals alike.  Research shows just how amazing it is for helping with a wide range of issues - Everything from calming and soothing to improve sleep (and let's face it, that's good news for any parent), through to aiding tummy troubles like colic and reflux (we even have some special baby reflexology techniques too).


More importantly though, baby massage classes provide a really pampering and enjoyable experience for parent and baby - A great time to bond, to learn about each other, to meet other babies and their parents, and to take time out from the day-to-day to adjust to the whirlwind that is motherhood!


Baby Senses runs intimate baby massage groups, so that the massage techniques used can be tailored to each baby/parent partnership.






Founder of Baby Senses Ipswich
Welcome to Baby Senses Ipswich

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Baby Senses Nominated


We are so proud to have been nominated for the What's On 4 Junior Awards 2015.  Whilst we didn't make the finalists (we were up against some huge national competition), we are proud as a local company, to have been recognised and want to thank you all for your support.  


Ann (Baby Senses, Ipswich) xx 

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