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Colic Support Ipswich Suffolk by Baby Senses

Colic Help And Support


You were longing to meet your baby but now they are here, life seems so hard. Come 6pm in the evening the crying starts and no matter what you or anyone else tries, you just can't get it to stop.


You pace up and down for hours.  You rock.  You offer feed after feed.  You take a late night car ride.  You wonder - 'What am I doing wrong .... ?"


Rest assured colic is much more common than you may realise.  About 1 in 5 babies will suffer, typically during the witching hour (6pm to 10pm).  


Baby will draw knees to chest (like they have tummy ache), arch their back, clench fists and be very red in the face - and cry, persistently!


You know your baby and if these symptoms present with a fever, floppiness or anything you feel worried about, or seem different in any way do consult a medical professional ASAP.  However, if you are experiencing these symptoms frequently and they are following what we call 'the rule of 3's':


  • From around week 3

  • At least 3 times a week

  • Each episode lasting 3 hours

  • And have reoccurred for more than 3 weeks ...


... Then it very much sounds like colic! 


What causes Colic?  Baby Senses explain ....


It is still a poorly understood condition with some experts believing it is down to immaturity of baby's digestive system and others believing it is sensory overload, as their developing brain/body (and their heightened sense of touch) take on board all the new experiences of being outside of the womb.


Some experts even believe it is because baby has lost the calming influences the womb provided (which is why some babies seem to respond to white noise)


Book your place now for our next 1 hour workshop - Held in Ipswich in the new year.


Baby Senses (Ipswich) can provide time for you to take a breath and realise a) you are not alone and b) it will get better (most babies outgrow colic by 4-5 months).  


We can also teach you key infant massage and calming techniques which aim to ease digestion and calm a baby who may be over stimulated (with soft tummy rubs, reflexology and holds).

How Baby Senses Can Help
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