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Baby Massage Ipswich by Baby Senses

Baby Massage Classes & Benefits


Baby Senses offers a highly professional and nurturing infant massage course, bringing together tradtional Indian baby massage techniques, along with Swedish techniques, and even baby reflexology.  


This is a really beneficial 5-week baby massage programme which you can enjoy as part of a small group or 1:1 if extra special care is needed.  


Suitable from birth, baby massage can have many benefits including;


  • Helping to relieve colic and digestive discomfort

  • Helping both parent and baby learn to relax

  • Improving baby's sleep patterns (and therefore yours too!)

  • Strengthening the parent baby bond (with lots of lovely eye contact)

  • Enhancing parent and baby communication (you start to undersand their cues better ... A great intro to baby signing, which our sister company offers)

  • Encouraging baby's co-ordination and development to the next milestone


All of our Baby Senses baby massage courses are structured and taught by certified Instructor for the International Association of Infant Massage, Ann Lay.


This is a fun and relaxed infant massage class with time to chat about being a parent.  All babies personalities are welcome, crying is allowed in the class!


You are encouraged to meet your babies needs during the baby class, as all massage strokes are reviewed.


Breast feeding and Bottle feeding are always welcome during the session.  

Please read our FAQ's to get more details on what to bring with you and what to expect from a course.





"What I liked best about the class was being able to bond with my baby and Ann showing me the techniques to help my baby relax, especially with her reflux" Baby Senses Mummy Gemma and Grace


"We really enjoyed the class and were made to feel really welcome and comfortable whatever mood my baby was in" Baby Senses Mummy Anna & Archie

What Parents Say About Baby Senses
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