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Having a Happy 1st Christmas with Baby

Christmas is an exciting and a very stimulating time for any child, but if this is your first Christmas with your new baby, you may find it becomes quite stressful for them and ideas of happy smiley babies turn out to be tearful and clingy ones.

Here are a few pointers to get you through the festive season.

  1. Give your baby regular breaks away from the hustle and bustle to enable them to calm themselves and not be overstimulated.

  2. Do all of the presents have to be opened on Christmas day? Some babies can be frightened of the sound of ripping wrapping paper and the excitement can easily be too much for them. We have a lovely tradition in our house of holding some of the presents aside and opening them gradually over the Christmas period or even after. Great fun with bored little ones!

  3. Well meaning relatives are often full of advice, and what can appear criticism, rather than getting into an uncomfortable discussion about it, allow them to feel heard, say you will take their advice on board. Then ignore them and do whatever you feel is right!

  4. Weaning is a subject that often comes up at Christmas, "Just let them try some of the veg! He'll love it!" Stick to your guns, you know your baby best and trying something new, at an already stressful time, or when they are too young, is not always wise! ............... to see more go to my quarterly newsletter

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