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Baby Senses Expectant and New Parents Support Group Ipswich

Bumps & Babes Support Group



This group welcomes expectant, new and experienced mummies (and their bumps, babes and tots), and is a great chance to make new friends, share tips and support each other without judgement (all parenting styles, feeding choices and birth choices are welcome).


There is of course coffee/tea and cake (what group would be complete without it) and a lovely, cosy play area for any siblings.  Here they can safely play with items such as craft, colouring books, sensory toys and imaginary play props.


Whilst tot plays, mummy / daddy can enjoy talks from some great weekly guest speakers including:


  • Sling Library

  • Benefits of baby swimming lessons

  • Coping as a parent group discussion

  • Weaning group discussion

  • Calming my baby (group discussion)

  • Pregnancy Yoga

  • First Aid for babies and toddlers

  • Baby Massage and tummy problems by Baby Senses

  • Doulas (Finding one or becoming one) by Suffolk Doulas

  • Benefits of music for babies

  • Cues & Communication


Our Mission .... This group is run by Baby Senses (Ipswich) simply to cover costs (not to make profit).  It is there to provide a network of support and non judgemental information.  Whatever your back ground, whatever your parenting choices, whether you work or are a stay at home parent, however you are feeding, whether you co-sleep or sleep independently, this group welcomes you, and we hope it will have useful tips and support to offer.  Being a parent is hard ..... We hope to make it a little easier (and at the very least, enjoy tea and cake with new friends!)  

Real Parents .... Real Support
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